Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 A New Year's Eve March to Remember For Occupy San Diego

Word had it there was a New Year's Eve Party at Ocucpy San Diego. People brought soup, turkey, dressing, salad, dessert and drinks around 8pm. About thirty hungry occupiers were gathered in Freedom Plaza at this time, excited about the viddles they saw heading to the eating area. Humidity was 80%, with fog lingering low, leaving a chill in the air. But that did not stop Occupy San Diego protesters from celebrating. The number of occupiers waned, ebbing and flowing. A march was scheduled for 7:30, but was pushed back until just before midnight. Watching the live stream from Occupy Wall Street, protesters in San Diego were elated to witness Zuccotti Park being reoccupied by OWS. This boosted their spirits for a march they will remember on New Year's Eve 2012.

Last minute signs were made and it was  11:45pm time to head to the streets chanting, "Whose Streets, Our Streets, Whose Streets, Our Streets." We headed south on 3rd st. towards Broadway. People were cheering for us and joining us. We turned left on Broadway and then made a right on 4th st.. The crowds lined up on the street, were in awe. Some excited, giving us thumbs up and peace signs, others joined us and a few hater's booed and gave us thumbs down. As we made a left at Rock Bottom Brewery and headed to 5th, 100's of people flocked to see what was going on.

At 5th, we circled the intersection and held up traffic, the crowd went wild, yelling Occupy. People didn't know what to do. People were packed like sardines on all four corners of the intersections watching this event happen. The popular consensus I felt was, people were happy to see us and believe in what we stand for. We headed north on 5th and chanted, "Whose Year, Our Year, Whose Year Our Year." People of all races and cultures started running into the streets chanting with us. It was a continual ebb and flow of people joining us. It was obvious many were timid, due to the enormous police presence in the area. But even more obvious is the support I saw on the sidelines as we marched up 5th to Broadway.

We made another march through gas lamp with just as much steam and passion. This time even more people jumped in, shouting 'Out of the bars, into the streets, Out of the bars, into the streets. Momentum picked up, our numbers grew and it looked like 1000's of people were going to join us. But when they saw butt loads of Gestapo's, with guns and batons on their belts, they freezed up and probably decided going to jail, was not on their list of things to do, on the eve of 2012. The Gestapo showed up on their bikes, and it was obvious they were getting irritated. We headed back to Freedom Plaza, with a feeling of jubilation, knowing the year 2012 will be 'Our Year.'