Thursday, January 19, 2012

Occupy The Courts In San Diego Friday Jan. 20, 2012

We hope that you can join us tomorrow for “Occupy the Courts”, a national day of action mobilizing people on efforts to amend the US constitution to end corporate personhood and restrict corporate influence on government and politics.
·         WHEN: Friday, January 20, 2012, 12-1 PM
·         WHERE: Federal Courthouse, 880 Front Street, SD 92101 (just south of Broadway) as part of Move to Amend's national day of action.
·         WHAT: Speakers, including Marjorie Cohn, Lori Saldana, and Mike Aguirre and a performance by the Occupellas
·         RSVP: here
·         HELP US GET FOLKS THERE. Pam, Dianne, Joanna, Evie, Susan, and others organized this terrific event. Make them proud!
As a reminder, our website is: and our facebook page is:

We have a lot more going on. We plan to start regular monthly meetings shortly. The Occupellas are performing regularly. We are supporting occupiers in Civic Center with food, supplies, and runs to the showers/laundry. We are bringing the Move to Amend Tour to San Diego on February 28th. And more. See the website for details and contacts for the various projects.

We hope to see you soon.