Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr's Dream Is Still Alive At Occupy

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." I talked to a man named Michael that marched in the MLK parade in Long Beach, CA on Saturday. He told me it was a very exciting day for him. Occupiers from encampments through out southern California showed up in solidarity. They marched through the streets in Long Beach that passed the most oppressed and poverty stricken, called 'The Ghetto.'

People were lined up in masses, cheering us on and chanting, 'We are the 99%, We are the 99%." These are the real 99% in this country. The Black, Hispanic and Asians that live below poverty level. People that clean houses, wash cars, work in fast food chains or wall marts. People that make minimum wage which calculates to $16,000 a year, when a CEO makes $16,000 an hour. It was a stark contrast between marches, through gas lamp in downtown San Diego, where people are eating and drinking at nice restaurants. These people where standing in front of run down apartments, homes and businesses.

He could see it in their faces and hear conviction in their voices, that Martin Luther King Jr's dream was not finished. It was flourishing again, with another movement called Occupy. Injustice and inequality still prevails in America. Democracy is not going to the polls every four years. It is taking direct action and making democracy work for all Americans. That is what the Occupy movement has been doing, from Wall Street to your street since September of 2011.

On Sunday Occupy San Diego marched in another MLK parade this time on Harbor Dr. in downtown San Diego. There were about 200 vibrant marchers that stood in solidarity with Veterans for Peace, Occupy the Hood, Occupy El Barrio, and Occupy San Diego. As we marched down Harbor Dr. we chanted 'Hey hey, ho ho corporate greed has gotta go, Hey hey ho ho, corporate greed has gotta go.' People where yelling Occupy and chanting along with us. It was the most powerful reception I have seen from bystanders, since the New Years Eve march.

Grandmas, grandpas, kids, parents, excited to see us, read our signs and chant with us. These are the people that need our voices to radiate to congress, mayors, city council members telling them we will not sit down and shut up. We are the people, not corporations. We have voices and they must be listened to. And if you are not willing to listen to us, we will Mic Check you, to get your attention and let you know. "We are Occupy, we are never gonna die, when you try and take our stuff, we will only multiply. We are Occupy, we are never gonna die, when you try to kick us out, we will only multiply."