Friday, January 20, 2012

Do Women Have Rights In America

I thought I lived in America? It feels like the Middle East, were women are pissed on, told what to do, can't go out of the house unless they are covered head to toe and have utterly no rights. Could you believe in America, fifty year old women are sold into marriages. I do! Not only sold into marriages, before they get married they are isolated from the world, while the man does whatever he wants, before he makes some great commitment. Would you do this to your daughter, granddaughter or friends life?

Would you allow a man to control a women's life to the point of utter financial ruin, mental and emotional abuse, just because the man is wealthy or famous? Do you believe women have to prove themselves, to get a man? What would the world be like if ALL women on the planet had to:
  • Prove themselves to get a man.
  • Live on the streets to get a man.
  • Be humiliated to get a man.
  • Be destroyed to get a man.

It would be the ugliest place in the world to live. All religions, especially Islam destroy women! People and especially women claim they are for women's rights. But they sit in silence when someone close to them is a victim of those rights. Families allow heinous actions against daughters and sisters, and escalate the situation to unbearable degrees, jeopardizing their own kins life. I thought I lived in America, the land of the Free! I was wrong! Cowards can sit in silence. Fighters can stand up and fight for their rights and others. Which one are you?