Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Concerned Citizens Bring SDPD's Behavior To Citizens Review Board

What will it take to stop the harassment, intimidation and out right abuse of authority by the SDPD? It will take a new watch dog group called Occupy. Since October 7, 2011 Occupy San Diego has been battling the SDPD and their dirty dog tactics and utter discrimination against a group of people wanting to bring change to a corrupt system. Last night about forty occupiers from San Diego attended the citizens review board meeting held at the Malcom X library on Market Street.

Not only has the occupy movement in San Diego witnessed and first hand experienced the abuse of power by the SDPD, they have seen how the homeless in San Diego are being picked on and pushed out. Who is directing this violent behavior? The mayor, city council, the chief of police, who is it asked Ray Lutz? Because the orders have to come from somewhere. Ray Lutz also told the board members that out of the hundred and fifty plus arrests, most of the charges have been dropped or our pending and have a year to be submitted. So what the police are doing is stealing the occupiers money, playing games with the judicial system and blatantly harassing people.

About fifteen speakers spoke to the board members with purpose, passion and conviction about their concerns that the SDPD has serious issues of police brutality and discrimination problems. Fish brought to the attention of the board that police officers need a psyche evaluation. Mike Garcia told the board he was arrested for sitting in a chair and handing out flyer's. Stephanie Jennings told how she was tackled and thrown to the ground, because she touched the yellow caution tape. Mike a veteran spoke about how he took an oath as a military officer to defend foreign and domestic terrorist.

In Hartford CT three officers and one sergeant were arrested by the FEDS yesterday, for racial profiling and abuse to mexicans. So this problem is not just in San Diego, but country wide. I know that being a police officer is not easy and they have to deal with many people that pose a threat. But at the civic center people are sitting in circles discussing how to make this country and world a better place. Not how to blow it up or violently attack the police. We did not come here to fight the police, but to fight corruption in politics, corporations and the banking industry. Nothing to do with the police. But they have shown they are also corrupt and need to be held accountable for their actions.

It was a successful evening. I left feeling we were effective in getting some board members to understand the SDPD are discriminating against a political group. They have been using excessive force and they need to be addressed with repercussions to those that have abused their power and authority. I have also seen how the homeless are being kicked around and oppressed by the SDPD. That is why they cannot get out of their situation. So if you are a concerned citizen, join the new watch dogs in town, Occupy San Diego.