Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't Shove Your Religion Down My Throat

How many of you have been told, the abuse you are going through is gods plan? Really this is what your abusive god wants for my life. Hell NO! But hey if you think it is ok for my life, it better be ok for your life, your families and friends life. Life for some is a tangled web of abuse, oppression and suppression all in the name of god. I have read the bible, attended church, and read many other religious/spiritual books from zen, to Buddhism, the Koran... I have come to the absolute conclusion they are all lies and a way to control others, especially women.

A new billboard in Boulder, Colorado is making the religious zealots angry. Why, because it has the opportunity to make people think for themselves and not be coerced into being sheep and following a religion, just because your parents told you ,it was truth. Or someone on the street you met, told you how jesus changed their life, and if you don't believe in jesus, you are a bad person and will go to hell. Folks I have been living in hell for twelve years, because of mans plan, not gods plan. Mans plan is about control, and control, is the worst form of abuse and oppression.

People can believe in whatever fairy tales they choose. There are at least a thousand religions around the world. How do you know, one hundred percent that yours is the right one? How do you know if something is a miracle or coincidence? How do you know what your god really wants for you or anyone else? Religion is a big business. Religion has caused many wars killing and destroying many people, through out the ages. Stop pushing your reiligion on me. Start being accountable for your own life. Don't think you know what other people need to make them stronger. Look in the mirror and open your eyes to reality.

People are so programmed to believe whatever someone tells them. People are easily shaped to follow something without even thinking about what they are doing. They just do it, because someone says to. These days religion and religious people put fear into others, to believe a certain way or you will go to hell. Religion is hell to me. Those who lie, harm and cause suffering to others in the name of god are people I have no respect for. This is my life. Stop telling me what I have to do to get something. Stop telling me that if I don't believe the way you do I am a bad person. Start being accountable for your actions not mine. Then and only then will life get good for all.