Friday, January 27, 2012

San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis Orders SDPD to Crackdown on #OSD

The truth comes out. Last night at Occupy San Diego I learned from a police officer, who really is calling the shots and ordering excessive force and discrimination against #OSD. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis. Last night was student night at the opera and thousands of high school aged kids filled the civic center. Lined up in groups waiting to see 'Salome.'

I walked over to see why two SDPD officers were asking for id, from a young man. I stood close to hear what the issue was, when approached by another blue coat who asked what I was doing. I said 'hanging out.' He informed me that the adults in charge of the kids going to the show, asked the SDPD to make sure the occupiers did not have contact with the kids. Interesting.

Another man from our group James, was over at the front entrance to the plaza and telling kids to think for themselves, as they walked into the theater. He was verbally attacked by an angry older white man that told him 'if you weren't doing anything wrong the police would not bother you.' James also learned that the SDPD had been informing the kids, that occupiers were against liberal arts and theater. Wow, that is a bunch of crap!

While the kids waited outside for the doors to the theater to open, some of the gutsy occupiers started drawing on the ground with colorful chalk. A couple nights ago a couple occupiers were given citations for chalk art, as the SDPD explained to them it was toxic and harmful to the environment. Last night something else happened. The SDPD used Bleach to remove the chalk art! Another contradiction in their charade of insanity and making up their own laws.

Now we know San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis is one of the ring leaders, in shutting down #OSD. Bonnie Dumanis has her eyes on Jerry Sanders mayoral seat. Could Bonnie Dumanis, Jerry Sanders and police chief Lansdowne be the clowns making up their own laws and discriminating against people standing up and speaking out against political, judicial and corporate corruption happening in this state and country? Yes!