Saturday, January 21, 2012

Know Your Rights

If Being Arrested Yell Out Your Name And Date Of Birth So We Can Keep Track Of Who's Being Arrested, Someone Nearby Will Record Your INFORMATION

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There are three levels of law enforcement interactions and safe ways to handle each encounter. There are three sets of magic words to use during an encounter.

1) Casual Conversation - During a law enforcement encounter, ask if you are being detained or arrested. If you are not being detained or arrested, walk away.

2) Detention - If you are being detained, ask why! Make them cite the law - and remember what they say.

3) Arrest - Say the first two sets of magic words: "I choose to remain silent!" and "I want to see a lawyer!" Remember to remain silent. Law enforcement may try to trick you into talking. Keep in mind they are highly trained in gathering information and are allowed to lie in order to trick you into talking.

The third set of magic words:

1) I do not consent to a search! If the officer says "Do you mind if I look in your purse, bag, home or car?" You say, "I do not consent to a search." If the officer say: "Why not? Are you hiding something?" You say: "I believe in my Constitutional right to privacy, and I do not consent to a search."

Note: This probably will not stop an officer from searching you, but it can help get evidence thrown out of court.