Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whose Body My Body

Today a group of energized and passionate people gathered at the civic center in downtown San Diego, to rally for abortion rights. Today is the 39th anniversary of Roe vs Wade. Abortion rights have been targeted by the extreme right church going thugs who think my body is their body! It's Not! We were all given a life to decide how we will live it and what we can do with our bodies. What makes me foam at the mouth more than anything is, men who have the balls to tell me what I can do with my body. Hell no they gotta go!

I like the saying 'keep your messiah out of my vagina.' Four speakers gave us an overview of the battle women have been fighting to keep abortion legal and safe. This article by the ACLU talks about the bad year for reproductive rights and justice. After the speeches around 90 men and women of various racial backgrounds hit the streets and marched toward Horton Plaza with signs and slogans such as 'whose bodies our bodies, whose rights our rights' we heard.

As we approached Horton Plaza a young security guard walked toward the people carrying the banner and tried to tell them they could not march there. They proceeded to march and she again tried to get them to move while calling for back up. We did not listen to her and continued to walk passing by Starbucks and Sam Goodies and reaching fourth st were we took the streets again. Women cheered on the sidewalks and honked their horns.

We marched to fifth st and it was a little quiet, except for one bar where everyone was watching football. My sign said something about the 1% and a man in the bar pointed to my sign and said that was him. As we marched toward the plaza the police finally caught up with us and followed us back to the civic center. Upon arriving back at the civic center a few friends who did not march greeted us. We finished the day with speakers personal stories and convictions about their beliefs in why abortion is not a crime. Whose body, my body!