Friday, June 8, 2012

Atlanta megachurch pastor arrested for assaulting daughter

The Raw Story: Controversial Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar Jr. has been arrested for allegedly assaulting his 15-year-old daughter, according to the Atlanta Journal andConstitution. The “prosperity gospel” adherent has been charged with simple battery, family violence and cruelty to children after an altercation in which he reportedly grabbed his daughter by… 
Read rest:  The Raw Story

Justice can happen quickly or it could take a long time. May all men and women who abuse others have justice served. I am so sick and tired of these religious zealots spewing their garbage and terrorizing women.

The Sound of Silence

Lying is done with words and also with silence. ~~~ Adrienne Rich

I found this article at Fire Dog Lake and it resonated with my life. Catholic Hierarchy's Lack of Response To Abuse of Women by "Project Prevention" We live in a Man's world. All major religions were created by a man, Not a woman. Women are second class citizens in religion and life. The sad part of this whole mess, is women who claim to be Women's Right's Advocates side with men many times. Which keeps the vicious cycle of oppressing women, in a forward motion.

My participation in the Occupy movement, opened my eyes to where the real problem is in this country and the world. Many people are mad at Wall Street and Big Banks. But it is individual people, in these organizations, that have contributed to destroying others, not the organization itself. Life is full of these people and they all don't work on Wall Street or in Big Banks. They could be your father, brother, or women's rights activist sitting next to you.

The abuse of women problem, starts at home and within, most religious organizations around the world. Anyone  who believes a woman should not be paid the same as a man, for the same job, is a woman abuser. Any religion that believes a man cannot date or talk to women, before they make some big commitment, is an extremely abusive organization and should be protested. Anyone that believes, women should not have, absolute choice over their body and decision's, is a woman abuser.

We are not going to win the War on Women, until women stop participating in other women's abuse and stop being silent about it. People get themselves involved in situations, without getting all the facts and contribute to the oppression of women, when they think they are helping them. Silence is not an option when it comes to advancing the women's rights movement. You must stand up and speak out.

I saw these little punk cowards picking on defenseless people and I knew they needed to come to justice.  ~~~ Nick Ring UFC Fighter

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Occupy Rallies At Democratic Convention

The day started at the Civic Center, aka 'Freedom Plaza' and proceeded with a march to 5th and E Street in the gas lamp district of downtown San Diego. Here occupiers put down soap boxes and stood on top of them, reading of events that happened a 100 years ago on the same corner. How the Wobblies who fought for free speech and equal rights, were persecuted, beaten and prisoned by the police. I talked about how women deserve equal rights, equal pay, equal say and the right to choose what to do with their bodies. Others spoke about the NDAA bill recently passed, that banks got bailed and people did not.

We rallied on the corner for an hour and then marched over to Children's Park, where we were greeted by many people. We rested for a short time and regrouped to march over to the convention center. There were about 150 plus people that participated in the rally at the convention center where the Democratic Convention was being held. We chanted 'Shits fucked up, shits fucked up and bullshit.' People attending the meeting were in awe of the amount of people that showed up for the occupy movement. Another chant was 'Democrats come out we have something to talk about.'

One man did come out and talk to us. He said he was running for the 50th district and wanted us to know he supported us and has even attended some of our rallies and functions. He said 'there are al ot of people inside that are for you, but there are also a lot of people inside that are against you.' He said that he would fight for what we stand for and want out of our politicians. Many other people gave us thumbs up and talked to us. Overall people seemed to be receptive of our messages and what we stood for. Many also talked about their concern for the NDAA bill.

After the rally the group marched through gas lamp on 5th street up to Balboa Park for lunch, GA, breakout sessions and dinner. The food was awesome and people had showed up all the way from Occupy Napa. A bus load of about fifty people showed from Occupy LA and many other occupations had occupiers present. It was a successful day and showed the solidarity between groups in the Southern California area. The Democrats have now been woken up in California that Occupy is still here. We have great concerns about what is going on in Congress and we are not going away.

Is Sarah Palin Planning To Run For President

It has been quiet on the Palin Ponderosa, over the past year. I have only posted a few articles about this cat lady, who spewed a speech of 'I love you America and I am your girl' at CPAC. Over at Politicususa, Leah Burton says, Sarah Palin's game is still on. If you thought Sarah Palin had faded into the wild blue yonder, you are wrong. The Cat lady is back and ready to attack the good old boys with her sharp claws and Alaskan drawl. So watch out Romney, Gingrich and Santorum the cat lady has returned and she is ready to take you all down!

I took my eyes off this broad and truly thought there was no way she could become President. But it looks like all the male GOP scumbags running for President, don't look that promising and the GOP strategist think they need to bring Sarah Palin back into the limelight. The God loving, newspaper reading, foreign affairs expert and economic wizard who lives up in the great state of Alaska, might still be a viable candidate! Yikes I say, that is a scary thing. Run for the hills this lady will take away all women's rights.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mitt Romney Targets Poor For His Own Agenda of Fame

Are the poor the only ones that use drugs? No! The rich and middle class also use drugs that are legal and illegal. Mitt Romney, who has lost the last three primaries to another right wing wacko, Rick Santorum, needs to save face to put his un-American campaign back on track, was asked, should welfare recipients be drug tested. Well good old mormon most honest Romney said, 'Yes.'

Romney, whose religion bans you from drinking caffeine, that is located in products such as coke, pepsi, and other sodas, also owns companies that sell the same poison, they say is forbidden. What a concept, tell your congregation something is a no no, but sell it to the rest of the world and make money off it. This is called being a fanatical hypocrite, and many politicians, corporations and churches do it everyday! The pharmaceutical companies get people hooked on 'legal' drugs everyday and destroy peoples lives. Drugs that are just as deadly or worse than illegal drugs. What a weird world we live in!

So Mitt Romney wants to drug test welfare recipients, who already are oppressed by the 1% and churches that convert people into numb, followers of others deranged ways of living. If Romney wants to test those on welfare, I say lets test all politicians, corporate CEO's, the 1% and well why in the heck don't we just say all people should be tested and make this a fair deal to all Americans. What do you think about that Mr. I am such a godly, good, great, goon of being perfect, honest and the right idiot to be President and tell Americans what they can and cannot do.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Speech Fight Still 'Alive' In San Diego 100 Years Later

Do you really believe America is the Land of the Free? Not even speech is free anymore. It comes with a price tag, go directly to jail if you don't obey. Wednesday Feb 8, protesters from Occupy San Diego gathered on all four corners at 5th and E Street in downtown San Diego's, gas lamp district around 5pm. Standing on top of soap boxes like the Wobblies did a 100 years ago, speaking about the same injustices that continue today.

These injustices are police harassment, intimidation, corruption in politics, the banking industry, how corporations are not people and should not be allowed to put their money into the political arena. How Corporations should pay their fair share of taxes and provide a living wage to employees, not minimum wage. This problem starts at home where people are taught how to behave and treat others Things don't change, when the system stays the same, or when people stay the same.

At 6pm local labor unions and other groups joined Occupy San Diego. The SDPD blocked off 5 Street at F Street and detoured traffic, so we could gather in the middle of the street. The San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO headed this event. The Labor Council is a coalition of 133 local unions that represent more than 192,000 working families in the region. Lorena Gonzalez the Secretary-Treasurer and CEO of this council was the first speaker and reved up the audience.

Two young men, one playing the banjo and the other a guitar, played intermittently through the event, bringing fun and lightness with song, to the evening. Many speakers spoke about, the violence that happened a hundred years ago on the same day. This year was more subdued, with only one man placed in handcuffs for not dispersing, when asked to by the SDPD.  The event ended with the Women's Occupy Occupella singing, 'Occupy your mind,' 'Vote, vote, vote your rights,' and a couple other songs.

It was a successful evening, ending with a young man mic checking, the occupy movements grievances through a bull horn, with people on all corners repeating what he was saying. At this point about ten cops stood right in front of the protesters mic checking on the southwest side of the street. People of all ages and racial ethnicity's attended the event and left feeling satisfied with what they heard and participated in.

A few news channels showed up, but not that many. It takes citizen journalist these days to tell the real stories. This evening was another indication occupy is here to stay and will stand up and fight for their freedom to speak out about the gross injustices in this country and around the world. Freedom is not free and probably never will be. Don't let the SDPD, or any police officer intimidate you, not to protest and use your voice for the good for all.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sarah Palin Still 'Fooling' People

Three years and eleven months ago Sarah Palin told Alaskans, she was pregnant. This news was shocking to many people, including her husband that slept in the same bed, her children, friends and staff that worked for her, as Governor of Alaska. There were no signs of pregnancy. No bump in the stomach, no doctors visits, no pictures, nothing. In April of 2008 Sarah Palins Five Day Pregnancy.

I campaigned for President Obama in 2008. My first time getting involved in politics, all because of Sarah Palin. In her first speech to the GOP, I knew this lady was a liar! More than a liar, a dirty player in the political arena. Sarah Palin, who said rape victims, should pay for their own rape kits and then lied about saying that, is not a woman that represents me at all. I have no respect for this scoundrel.

To be honest I truly thought this broad would be hung out on a line for all her lies, but I have learned differently. It is obvious she is backed by big money and in bed with the Koch Brothers. Sarah Palin is again being honored as Woman on the year 2012 by Clare Booth Luce, as a woman, others should look up to. Sarah Palin has fooled the world and will continue to, until the money wagon stops delivering to her bank account and her bed buddies don't get laid anymore!

Occupy SoCal Conference Info., Ride Share, Couch/Room Share

Be part of making history in 2012. The Democratic Convention is headed to San Diego and Occupy San Diego and many other Occupations through out Southern California are gearing up for a day of action, marches, rallies, workshops, music, food and fun. This is an event not to miss and a great way to find out what the occupy movement is all about. Don't be shy, afraid or timid. It's time to pull those activist boots, hats and signs out of your closet and participate in the new civil rights movement called 'Occupy.'

The fun begins at 9:30am at the Civic Center 'Freedom Plaza' in downtown San Diego. The event will proceed up to Balboa Park on 6th Street (Stay tuned for exact directions). Parking options: at Horton Plaza located a couple blocks from the Civic Center, you can park for three hours for free, as long as you validate your ticket in machines located through out the plaza (no purchase is necessary). You can drop people off at Civic Center and park your car at the Balboa location and be shuttled back to Civic Center. A day bus/trolley pass is $5.

Click on the red through out the article for more information. Occupy San Diego SoCal Summits list of events and times. Join us for the whole day or show up when you can. Bring family and friends and introduce them to Occupy. If you are driving down from other areas in Southern California and have room to pick occupiers up go to Occupy Ride Share or if you need a ride from any where to San Diego also go to Occupy Ride Share. If you are looking for a couch or room to crash for the night, go to Occupy a Couch/Room and if you have a couch or room to offer, also go to Occupy Couch/Room.

F11 held Saturday Feb. 11, is the first SoCal Summit of 2012 and will be an event you will not want to miss. If you have never been to an Occupy event, this is the one to check out. If it's been a long time since you have participated in occupy, due to whatever, come back and join us. At least ten other occupations are sending people down to participate in this day of action. Meet new friends, eat two meals for free, that will be prepared by health conscious people, march with your favorite signs, speak out in open mic, attend a GA, listen to music, attend workshops and find out what Occupy stands for and has planned for the coming months.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

State Agents Arrest, Cage Ryan Over $4 Fee

Shire activist Ryan Maddox was arrested on Friday, February 3rd, 2012. His alleged crimes? Theft, disorderly conduct, and placing others in danger. Then when arrested, he was charged with another “crime,” resisting his own kidnapping. Listen to him describe the incident which started it all…  Read and watch video:  Free Keene

Monday, February 6, 2012

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Occupy SoCal Conference Sat. February 11, 2012

First Occupy SoCal Conference this Saturday, to be held in San Diego. The event begins at the Civic Center and will consist of marches, free speech speak outs on corners through out San Diego, break out groups, lunch, GA, dinner, socializing, music and open mic.

Occupy San Diego is still here. We are not going anywhere. We have a mission, to make change happen, no matter the work involved or how long it takes. We know it takes passion, purpose and power in numbers to change things. We know we have to work with other occupations.

Join us and start using your own voice and tell your story. We all have had different upbringings and experiences in life and will not always agree on everything. But what we can agree on is, all people deserve a decent life, happiness, health care, shelter, food, clothing and love.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

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