Sunday, January 22, 2012

Occupy Job Bank

Are you looking for work? So am I. I started occupying at Occupy San Diego October 11, 2011. Since then, I have volunteered many hours with the occupation doing a variety of odd jobs. I made a choice in my life not to get a job because of a personal challenge going on in my life. I decided last week, I would try one more time to see if that challenge had subsided and venture back out in the job market.

I applied last Tuesday, to work at a golf tournament the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines and did not hear back from them. The next day I went into businesses in downtown San Diego asking if they were hiring and had no luck. The next day I made a sign that read 'Employment Wanted Now' and stood on Broadway and 2nd st. One man asked what kind of work I was looking for and if I had a resume, other people wished me good luck and one jerk said 'they are hiring at Wendy's!'

Yesterday at Occupy San Diego's GA we broke up into groups and discussed things we would like to see implemented in Occupy San Diego. I brought up the idea of a Occupy Job Bank. Many people waved their hands in the air as a gesture of 'good idea.' I also mentioned the idea of Occupy Job Bank Protest, where people carried signs that read 'Hire me for' and then listed skills they had or positions they were looking for and pass out resumes, on busy corners in downtown San Diego.

Other idea's that came up were to make crafts and sell them at local farmers markets. I want to work, I just had enough of a personal issue that was affecting my work situation. I am going to try one more time and so can you. If you are looking for work leave a comment about what you are looking for. If you are looking for workers, leave a comment about what type of work you need. Let's work together to make this happen.