Tuesday, January 24, 2012

San Diego Citizens Review Board On Police Practices

Occupy San Diego has been dealing with police officers who have gone beyond their duties and authority. These police officers who took an oath to protect and serve, have been more apt to harass and intimidate. Last night I was planning on staying at civic center, due to the rain. About 10 people situated themselves under the over hang on the west side of the plaza. There were a few homeless people not connected with Occupy San Diego sleeping about a hundred feet down from us.

Myself, Panther and Angel were laying down on top of my sleeping bag, covered with coats to keep us warm. At around 10:30PM two officers in a car come rolling in and tell us from their car with the window down that we cannot sleep or lay down. These officers proceeded to drive down where the other sleepers were and informed them they could not sleep. Two of the homeless people packed their stuff and rolled it out of the civic center, on a cold, dark rainy night. I thought the police were to protect and serve, at least thats what it says on the car doors!

Ernie who has been bringing coffee, hot chocolate and tea in the evening was on his way out when this happened. He offered to bring us some hot water in plastic bottles so we could keep it on our bodies for heat. When Ernie arrived back at the plaza Panther and Star had gotten into a arguement and it was escalating. Other people were getting involved and the noise increased. I knew the police would show up and they did. Five to six officers four women and at least one man.

They told us we had to leave or be arrested for placing things on the ground. I asked a women officer whose name is Clark what code we were breaking if we put things down and she could not tell me and said she did not have time to discuss it with us. Another short little black haired cop who thinks her shit doesn't stink got fiesty with me and I did not want to lash out, so I turned around and walked out of the plaza. We had no cameras or phones to video what was happening at the time.

This morning I walked back into the civic plaza and saw two officers standing outside by their cars. I walked up to them. One was the officer that did not want to tell me the code for placing things on the ground. I went up to her and asked her name and badge #. She was reluctant at first and then I told her I was going to the police review board this evening and needed this information. She then asked my name and I said 'Lynn.' I called her officer and she said I am a sergaent. I told her I did not know the difference and she was just a police officer and officer Clark got mad and had a ego. She did not like being called police officer.

Folks what kind of world do we really live in? A very sad world were people harm and cause others to suffer because they have power trips, lie and like to destroy others. Tonight their is a citizens review board happening and all people that have been excessively harassed and intimidated by the SDPD need to show up and tell their stories. Something needs to change in San Diego and we can make that happen.

Where: Malcom X Library / Valencia Park
Just east of Euclid and Market
Address: 5148 Market St., San Diego, CA 92114
When: 6:00PM