Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 1: Get A Job

If you are a participant in the Occupy movement and have ever marched with a sign or protested on a corner, someone has probably yelled at you "Get a job." Many people in the movement have jobs. Others like myself don't. Personal circumstances in my life, stopped me from getting a job. I spent many hours volunteering for Occupy San Diego since October 11, 2011. Many people have been more than generous delivering food for us. Others have given money specifically for me. But it is not enough to get a room and feed yourself on.

So it is time to get a job. I went on craigslist and saw my dream job. Working at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines. What could be a better way to re institute myself in the work arena, than serving drinks and food to some hot golfers? I emailed the ad and received a reply. I replied back and then set up an interview in Del Mar. With no car, I took bus 50 to bus 101 and was dropped off on PCH. I walked 1.5 - 2 miles to get to the Hampton Inn for the interview. We all filled out a bunch of paper work, listened to Jamie's spiel and then were told we could go. Four to five hours to get there and back to get a job!

Its been at least 24 hours since the interview and they start working tomorrow. Doesn't look promising, but who knows maybe some people won't work out. The job was only for 10 days or so, but it would have been a start. Today I pounded the pavement again. I went into businesses in downtown San Diego asking if they were hiring. Some said no, others maybe, some yes. These days businesses have online applications, some want a hand delivered resume and others have their own applications to fill out. I am making a list of all places I have been and filled out resumes or applications for.

When you are homeless you have obstacles such as where to take a shower, store your bags and belongings and get copies of your resume printed with no money, but a big smile? I have a BA from Long Beach State in Physical Education. I owned and operated a successfully coffeehouse for five years. I have five years experience with toastmasters winning speech contests and developing skills for leadership. I have been writing blogs since 2008. But great challenges have put me on the street.

The next time someone tells me to get a job, I can say how many applications I have filled out and interviews I have been on. My new sign will say on one side "Employment Wanted Now." The other side, the number of resumes I have sent out and interviews I have been on. When someone tells me to get a job, I will tell them, give me a job or shut the blank up!