Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Farewell To Terrorists and Why I Occupy

Have you ever had a terrorist in your life, that just would not go away? A terrorist is someone, or a group of people that wreck havoc on your life. They lie, torment and participate in emotional, mental and financial abuse towards you, while demanding it is all your fault. I have been dealing with venomous terrorists in my life, for twelve years. It is time to put an end to their blatant lies and abuse and reclaim my life today, how about you??

Life is short, and can be very unfair. People lie and lies create a tangled web of insanity that can subtract many years from your life. This is your life, no one elses. You get to choose how to live it. Control destroys, just look at how corporations treat their employees! Is your boss, partner or friend controlling? If so, they are the terrorist in your life.  Many people grow up in dysfunctional homes and carry those traits to other relationships, creating a viscous cycle of nightmares and chaos. Stop the insanity now.

How am I going to make this happen and you can also. First action, stop communicating and ignore those involved. If they don't give a damn about you, don't give a damn about them. Second action, find people you trust and feel confident, are in your best interest. Be cautious, but not extreme in this process. Third action, take baby steps each day, to move forward, not backwards. Look for work, write, exercise, spend time with mentors. Take actions that will add to your life, Not subtract from it.

Today I am saying farewell to all who have participated in anyway, adversely towards me and my life, so can you. No matter the why, it is not acceptable to control any one's life, ever! One thing I am sick and tired of hearing is 'It is gods plan.' Folks if you believe in god, that is your choice. I don't! I believe people need to stop using their instant garbage disposal, 'god' and start being accountable for their actions. Then and only then, will things change in this world. Religion is a cop out, to your misbehavior.

I came upon the Occupy movement after landing in San Diego. I had just spent the summer in Minnesota and then went on a short journey to Washington D.C., Baltimore, MD, and took the greyhound down through VA, TN, and MO where I visited an old friend that worked at a coffeehouse I owned. I have experienced the power of corrupt judges, lawyers and people. What has gone on in my life for the last 12 years is beyond my comprehension, but I have convictions people get what they give.

My passion for occupy continues, even though there are challenges within the Occupy San Diego Movement. Just because you might look good, does not mean your life is a bowl of cherries. In fact is could be utter hell. I have compassion for the people on the street, because I know it is not always your fault that you landed there. Others actions can play a big part in the whole picture. What I do know is, people lie like cowards and someday might be accountable for those lies. That's why I occupy! So should you.