Sunday, January 8, 2012

SDPD Assualt on Women

Yesterday as we marched into a busy civic center, after a long march that began at Children's Park in downtown San Diego we encountered the massive police force that surrounded us on the march. They placed yellow caution tape between occupiers and people that were heading into to see Jerry Sienfeld at the civic theater. This divide was another indication of the discrimination the SDPD has against Occupy San Diego. In the process of this event women that had come to civic center plaza last night to sing Occu-Pella had just finished and were caught between this caution tape.

Stephanie a middle aged women, nicely dressed, accidentally bumped into a police officer. He arrested her immediately. Her charge was 'battery on a police officer' and bail is set at $10,000. Shortly after this incident another women was taken down to the ground and aggressively handled by many SDPD. They were twisting and turning her arms and hands while she lay fast first into the concrete. She was not resisting, as the officers roughly handled her. I tried to get her name as the officers escorted her out of the plaza, but she did not say anything.

Before the march the SDPD warned us that people could be cited and arrested for drums and musical instruments, but did not give us specific codes we would be breaking. They also stated if people littered and put pamphlets anywhere you could also be cited or arrested. It is getting to the point of, what can we do? During the march as we turned off Broadway and headed south on 1st st past the federal building, a man came dashing into the march and grabbed Chaplain Ron's sign and pushed him to the ground. He was not getting up, but the police told us we needed to continue marching or be arrested. An ambulance arrived on the scene and I hear he was taken to the VA hospital.

Last night as we sat around the civic center a fire truck pulled up and walked over to a few occupiers. They helped Angel up and walked him to the ambulance that arrived on the scene. I over heard a police officer talking to a fireman, he said the SDPD has not been able to do their job for the citizens of San Diego, due to them, having to watch the occupation. Shortly after I went by and told the officer we did not need to be watched and he said in a very aggressive tone 'yes you do'. I reiterated we did not need to be babysat and again he said we did. This officer believes we are the terrorist. I said what about those on your patrol that harm women? One SDPD was recently convicted of how many accounts of abusing women? He shut up!

It is time for men and especially women to stand up against this kind of brutality by police officers. Our protest is about the corrupt 1% hiding in their big homes, who are the real criminals of this country. But their money keeps them safe and out of jail. Is is not acceptable for police officers to use the force they did to arrest these women last night. It is an utter abuse of authority and power on these individuals and they need to be held accountable for their actions. If you think you are safe because your life has not unraveled yet, beware. One day things could change and you might understand why and what we are fighting. Stop the assault by SDPD on women NOW!