Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why I Occupy M. Basillas

I occupy for political, social and economic change.

Therefore I place myself in San Diego Occupation as a full time occupier, to see this change happen with my fellow occupiers. Even though we have not changed society and the political spectrum overnight. What we have done is, bring the occupy movement to cities around the country, and changed the topic of conversation.

The movement has allowed people to be more aware of their social, political and economic structure in their own terms. Now it is up to everyone, to seek affirmative action to change the broken system.

I myself am devoting my life to make this movement happen. This is my commitment, to make a contribution to address the grievances, that Occupy Wall Street and other occupations agreed upon.

This movement will not happen, without the participation of everyone in this country, called our home, to prevent the uprising of the United States of Corporations.

I encourage and challenge everyone to participate in this movement, because people have the power to make change happen, and this is the time to do so.