Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kids Afraid of Cops, Wife Afraid of Guatanamo, Husband Wants to Occupy

I have heard this same excuse time and time again. I want to come down to occupy, but I am afraid of the police, that stand around like vultures ready to attack their prey. Today was another story about a man name Jim, who told his short story while he held his young son. Jim said he has visited us a few times, and felt occupy guilt. He wants to be down at Freedom Plaza with the occupiers but he has a family problem.

His children have seen the police brutality, going on, around the country towards the occupiers, on TV. His kids do not want to come, anywhere near Freedom Plaza, because they are afraid of being arrested, pepper sprayed and shot. Jim's wife is afraid he will be arrested and sent to Guantanamo and never see him again. But Jim recently received the ok by his wife, to occupy. His wife is tired of witnessing the police brutality, toward peaceful protesters. It is time to stand up and NOT shut up.

So Jim will be visiting occupy San Diego frequently. He is excited and passionate about his commitment to a movement that stands for his values. How many people have this same fear? Who knows, but I am sure many. What a picture the SDPD and all other police departments around the country, are portraying to the citizens of America. The utter cruelty of police officers towards peaceful protesters. Protesters voicing their concerns about the broken system in this country. Protesters that want to make a difference, in peoples lives now and for the future generations.