Friday, December 30, 2011

The War on Women and Why I Believe in Occupy

Do you own your life, or does someone else? Are you easily controlled by others and fear standing up for what you believe? Women face many obstacles at home, in the workplace and in society. Equality has NOT happened and will take a continual fight. I know. My family sold me to a muslim man, who has entitlements to my life. For the past 12 years this man has terrorized and destroyed my life. Even women, have sat on the sidelines and allowed this to continue. Most of these people claim this is 'gods plan'. I am an atheist. I don't believe in abusive gods, that are not real. People need to stop using god for their lies and abuse, because their are 1,000's of religions out there, which one is REAL? Which god is REAL! None!

What will it take to get my life or your life back? It will take standing up, speaking out and determination. They can put me in jail. They can give me tickets for sleeping on the streets. They can kill me. But I will not back down. This is my life I was given. It is your life you were given. No one else owns your life, even if their religion says so. Your life is your life, to do what you want with it. The Occupy Movement started on Wall Street and has spread around the country, because of the gross injustices in politics, corporations and police departments around the country. It evolved from the protesters in the middle east who have been protesting for their rights for years.

I believe in the occupy movement. I know first hand what it is like to have a rich 1%'er take all you have, time and time again. As the corrupt criminals in our country, hide in their lavish homes and office buildings, I have a glimmer of hope this movement will bring justice to their doors. If you want your life, you have to fight for it. Are you willing to fight the good fight? I am! Are you willing to protest at the doors of the REAL criminals in this country and go to jail for it? I am! Women have been second class citizens for too long. They deserve equal pay, equal say and the right to decide how to live their lives and what choices they make regarding their own bodies. NOW!

P.S. If you believe in god, Mark 16: 17-18 says, you should be able to drink poison and live. Do you believe in god that much? Are you willing to drink poison to show your belief? I didn't think so.