Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tweety Arrested For Protesting, Occupying and Disturbing The Peace

Monday 12/19/2011 around 5pm Tweety was arrested at Occupy San Diego. The charges filed against her were, protesting, occupying and disturbing the peace. Tweety was sitting on the steps of Freedom Plaza in downtown San Diego, with her tiny dog in her lap, when the crazy blue coat cops made the arrest. They found an old warrant from 1991, that gave them the authority to disturb her peace.

Tweety spent two days in jail. Why? Besides the reasons listed above, in 1991 she was arrested for having a shopping cart in her possession. When the Judge addressed the DA, he was sarcastic and livid, that they could bring such a case into his courtroom. The judge stated that in the year 2011, "he has never seen, a more bogus case brought to his desk". The DA wanted Tweety to spend two weeks in jail. The judge dropped all charges and dismissed Twetty from the courtroom.

SDPD continues their harassment and intimidation. They walk around Freedom Plaza like they own the place. They have threatened to arrest us if we bed down, even though we have read them the Illegal Lodging Code 647 (e) which states we have rights to sleep between 9pm and 5:30am. All police officers that have personal vendetta's against occupiers, need to be reported. It is time to crackdown on these fools who believe they are above the law and cannot lose their jobs. Don't let SDPD scare you, stand up and fight back NOW!