Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Watch Dogs in Town Heading to DC 1/17/2012

Occupy San Diego and Occupations around the country and globe will be heading to DC. These vibrant, passionate and peaceful protesters will be arriving in DC, for the opening day of Congress 1/17/2012. These New Watch Dogs from occupations everywhere have an agenda and demands to be met. This is not a hippie-fest, where people are fading away from the problems of the country by using marijuana, alcohol or other drugs, that numb you from the troubles and chaos of life. This is a powerful group of people that aren't gonna sit down and shut up anymore.

These sisters and brothers are brave and courageous. They have endured many sleepless nights patrolling the camp, from the blue coat predators who slink around the grounds of Freedom Plaza like snakes in the grass looking for their next meal. Many have been arrested for illegal lodging, resisting arrest, unlawful assembly, riding their bike, jay walking, registering voters and the list goes on... These soldiers know that heading to DC is about making change happen in this country. That direct action is effective and beneficial to our movement and it's course.

Some of these soldiers are 24/7 occupiers, that have lost everything and have been volunteering at least 30 plus hours a week at the occupation. We are having a fundraiser for the 24/7 occupiers and all heading to DC, as a representative from Occupy San Diego next month. You can make a money donation using the button below. We are also in need of winter clothes and supplies that would make this trip comfortable and smooth. I will update what we are looking for daily. Thank you for what you have done and can continue to do for Occupy San Diego. We would not be here with out you. Donate by clicking the DC pic on the leftside.