Friday, December 30, 2011

Updated: Another Attack by SDPD on The Homeless and Occupy San Diego

This morning at 5:20 under a bridge located by the downtown jail four blocks away from occupy, as I am wrapping up my sleeping bag and tarp, around the corner comes two black and whites, lights flashing. On the north side of the street three blue coats jump out of their car, on the south side,two blue coats jumped out of their car. Within seconds the officers were corralling us like cattle, to a seated position. I gathered my things and started walking behind two other guys already striding ahead. An officer yelled out to me, 'sit down'. I stopped and asked why they got to go, and again tried walking away and asked "was I being detained' and the officer said 'yes' and if I kept walking he would arrest me. So I put my things down and sat on the ground. He said we were being detained for illegal lodging and I told them about code 647 (e).

Across the street one man was body searched and another reading the Illegal Lodging code 647 (e) to the officers, as they continued to glare, their bright cop car spot light on a few individuals. The blue coats took many pictures of us. When they handed us our tickets on the south side of the street, officer Berhalter badge #6208 took a mug shot of you. The car they were driving had the license 1190517. I asked the blue coat clowns if everyone on both sides of the streets received citations and some said yes and others didn't want to say. I spouted off a little and asked if anyone had a camera for videoing or pics. Randy did, but said his battery was low.

As I sat there, detained for almost two hours I laughed at the inhumane actions of circus clowns, carrying guns and batons guarding us like extremely dangerous terrorists. Insisting they had to act like Nazi's for their own safety. What about my safety officer, from corrupt police officers abusing their power and privileges harming weak and vulnerable people in the wee hours of the morning? Specifically targeting people, because of their association with the Occupy Movement. I asked the blue coats if they just decided to take it upon themselves to attack this morning, or was it a higher ranking person. They stated it was a couple judges in the buildings above. I wonder who those judges are? Or was it someone else who ordered the entrapment.

During this event the homeless person that was reciting the Illegal Lodging code 647 (e) also told people about an attorney in town, working on a big case against the city and shouted out his name. Lawyer Dreher located at 835 Fifth Ave., Ste. 202. I plan on getting a hold of this person next week. Many people had to go to the restroom and were not allowed. People on the north side of the street were up and gone, while those on the south side watched all five officers, including one Sargent, act like little kids playing a game. Two blue coats tried to write tickets while two others glared towards us, hands on their belts close to their guns.

There was a homeless man in a wheel chair, with amputated legs above the knee and prostheses on both, given a ticket. Another to a homeless man named Mike, who had worked for craft foods for 16 years and was let go when Phillip Morris bought it. A man who just bought a plane ticket to go back and get married to his fiance in Ohio. About 35-40 people all together on both sides of the street. Many of the homeless don't want to go to shelters because of all the rules and regulations. It is understandable. Many of the shelters are faith based and people don't want to have to be subjected to religion while they get their lives back on track. I, being one of them. I am an atheist and I am a good loving person. It's my life and your life is yours.

It sounds like about half the people received tickets this morning, for being unfortunate, disabled, dislocated, destroyed by people and a broken system. What does it look like when the blue coats show up like storm troopers, at 5:20am harassing people that have just slept outside, under a bridge, five feet away from a 60 mph trolley, a large fan that blares loud consistently and many others without walls? Pathetic human beings!

Updated: I had been sleeping in this location for, four nights, never once given a warning by any officer regarding breaking the law and Illegal Lodging code 647 (e). Each night that I slept at this spot people showed up with gifts. These are the givers of life concerned about their brothers and sisters on the streets. They brought Christmas cookies, socks, water, tacos, coupons, crackers, sandwiches and fruit. Tonight when they arrive, it will be empty, no one to help and be of service too. There is a better solution to the homeless problem than, harassment and intimidation. It is called Love.