Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Happy Ending For Randy Wolling "AKA" Sage

Today in courtroom #35, at the downtown San Diego courthouse, was a happy day. The deputy DA, was generous, in her plea deal with Randy Wolling. If Mr. Wolling would plead, no contest, to a charge of arriving a half hour early to a state beach, all other charges would be dropped and erased from his file. Judge Woods, also informed Randy, that if he got a job and house and came back to her courtroom in the next few months, she would release him from probation.

Public defender David Knudson explained this to Randy. Randy, thought for a few minutes, about what had just been said. He asked Judge Woods, if she could explain the deal one more time, and she graciously did. Mr. Knudson again talked it over with his client and Randy agreed to the terms. All three charges from the SDPD raid on Oct 28, 2011 will be dropped. Another charge, dealing with lodging at the beach, dismissed.

Randy will be released this evening, and has a year probation. Judge Woods let Randy know if he got a job and found a place to live, she would drop probation. Hey hey, ho ho, our brother Sage gets to go. It's party time! Grab your boots, signs, food and drinks and head over to Freedom Plaza, for the celebration of our fellow occupy brother's, release from occupying a jail cell. Tomorrow night at Freedom Plaza.