Friday, December 23, 2011

The War On Occupy and Homeless People by SDPD

Two days before Christmas, the attacks and arrests continue at Occupy San Diego by the SDPD. Not only are the finest clowns in town terrorizing the occupation, they are going after homeless people, their street homes and property two day before Christmas, a holiday Godly people celebrate. I thought people of faith, who read the bible, knew Jesus was one of those who occupied! Where are the Godly when the weak and vulnerable need them? Didn't Jesus say he came to help the poor and needy? Where are the church members and leaders who advocate for the homeless?

Wednesday evening the SDPD at around 5pm did a sweep of our camp, stealing our food, comfort supplies, sleeping bags, clothes and more. A few hours later the blue coats walked through our camp like militant soldiers searching for Osama Bin Laden, only to find a few worn out and tired sleeping occupiers. As SDPD approached those sleeping, the cameras and videos started rolling. A police officer went after the cameraman Chris and a confrontation broke out (video). SDPD officers are the terrorist of America not the finest. At 5:30am the blue coats approached our camp again arresting Fish.

Word is spreading that Mayor Jerry Sanders, wants the occupiers out before he gets back from his Christmas vacation. So instead of spreading holiday cheer, the SDPD spreads a nasty stench of rank bacon, violent actions and a portrait of The finest pigs in America. As the 2012 elections approach, the 99% have the power to take down a corrupt bastard (Jerry Sanders) that has terrorized occupy San Diego. Word has it Mayor Sanders is the biggest PIG in town, handing down orders to SDPD Chief William Lansdowne.

Last night occupy San Diego was under attack again, by the bacon grease freaks of the SDPD. As the blue coat goats numbers grew, it was obvious their slinky stealing hands wanted to rob us again. Rob us of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They can take our stuff, but they can't take our passion and conviction to stand up and speak out, against corruption and abuse of power. Not only did the slimy thugs steal our stuff, they went up the street and played big pigs to the homeless, removing them from their street homes two days before Christmas.

The holiday spirit has two faces in the SDPD. They have a happy face, when they take pictures for people heading into the theater at civic center to watch the nutcracker. They have a mean face, when they take pictures of the occupiers, who have become homeless due to the injustice that resides in this country. What is wrong with these pictures. Hypocrites I say, No hypocritepigs. The SDPD are not the finest when they blatantly discriminate between occupiers and folks heading to the theater. The real terrorist in America maybe your local police force, if they abuse their power and authority. When are we going to put the REAL Criminals behind bars?