Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I Won't Occupy A Shelter

Has it ever crossed your mind, that a homeless shelter, is another form of incarceration? It is a vicious cycle out there on the streets and in life, in general. Shelters are usually run by certain religious organizations. They have rules and regulations you must follow, while trapped under their control. If you are a single woman, you have the hardest time acquiring a bed. Women with children are first to receive accommodations. Men have their own shelters.

In San Diego there are about 4,000 homeless people and about a 1,000 beds in shelters. That leaves 3,000 people, on the streets each night. If you are new to the streets it is a scary experience. Under city laws you may sleep between 9pm and 5:30am. Then you must pack your belongings and disperse during the day. Walking around town with all your stuff, loaded in a cart, or lugged on your back. Unless you are one of the lucky one's and get a daily storage locker at Watermans.

The San Diego police want us out of Freedom Plaza. I would rather live in the streets, than a religious run shelter any day. Religion in my eyes is all about control. Control is why our country and world, is in utter shambles. Too many people live in poverty, while others bask in enormous amounts of resources. People are selfish, control freaks, that don't give a rats ass about their neighbors or even their own families. Lies have created, the absolute mess our country and world is in. Religion lies, people lie. Stop the lies and using a religious figure as your instant garbage disposal, for your lies. Start being honest NOW!