Friday, December 23, 2011

Updated: Mayor Jerry Sanders Destroys Ocucpy Library, Spends $186 Million on New Library

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders has a problem? Sanders claims that, 'libraries change lives'. We at Occupy San Diego agree with him. That is why, when setting up camp, we furnished occupiers with a library. Mayor Sanders problem resides with the fact that he doesn't always walk his talk. Occupy San Diego has been raided at least ten times by the SDPD, that takes orders from Mayor Sanders. During those raids, our library was destroyed and books thrown away. Why mayor Sanders, I thought books change lives?

The only kind of books, Mayor Sanders believes change lives, will be found in his new $185 million library that still needs funds to be built. Most of the donors for this library are people that put Mayor Sanders into office. Word is out that people, not corporations would be donating large sums by the end of Dec. 2011. The only kind of libraries and books Mayor Sanders is concerned about, are ones that will help his mayoral campaign in 2012. Mayor Sanders problem is he lies and abuses his power. Books are not what he is concerned about. Mayor Sanders is concerned being 'King Pig', might be taken away from him.

Updated: Mayor Jerry Sanders will not be running for mayor in 2012. Thats why he is terrorizing occupy San Diego. I also hear Mayor Sanders gets 2 months of vacation a year.