Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sitting and Sleeping Can Get You Incarcerated!

Six days before Christmas, the SDPD continues their personal vendettas. Arriving back at camp, after a couple hours at Panera Bread on my computer, I see two blue coats posted up, about ten feet away from Occupy San Diego. Engaged in conversation, eyes roaming looking for someone to harass, intimidate or arrest, these police officers sent a message out. It is ok to be jack asses, that tote guns and batons to protect them, from peaceful protesters. Protesters that have lost their homes, jobs, families, financial security and are living on the streets. All the protesters want, is to sleep quietly through the night, without being marginalized by psycho, human hating, storm trooping thugs.

Did you ever think you could go to jail for sitting on the ground or sleeping? Well folks you can. What is more destructive, peacefully sitting and sleeping? Or going to jail, because you sat or slept on the cold ground, outside on a raining night? I vote on answer number two. Sleep deprivation is dangerous and a tactic the police are using to oppress us, because we need sleep, not want to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a national epidemic.And it's Killing us. A hamster kept awake for three days will die. Randy Gardner, a high-school student, stayed awake for a record of just over 11 days as part of a 1964 Stanford University study. By the end, he couldn’t talk.

Wake up! The SDPD and police officers around the country and world, are the real terrorists and killers. Not all police officers have participated in this brutal torture called sleep deprivation, on occupiers and protesters around the world. But the ones that have, came at occupiers with a personal vendetta, NOT as a peace officer. Unacceptable friends! I recently heard San Diego lost all its watch dog groups. Well guess what sisters and brothers of Occupies around the globe. We Are The New Watch Dog Group heading to a city near you. We are pissed off and we aren't gonna take it anymore. Stop arresting us! Let us sleep! Remember the cameras and videos are always on you. We don't like being ignored. Expect us!