Saturday, December 24, 2011

Flags, Freedom, and Fighting

Two days after our Flag had been removed from Freedom Plaza by the SDPD for at least the third time, it was given back. A young Iraq Veteran picked it up from the police department and brought it back to it's home, 'Freedom Plaza'. The flag arrived an hour before, people gathered at Bank of America on B st. and 2nd, to march back to Freedom Plaza chanting loud, 'Whose Flag, Our Flag Whose Flag, Our Flag,'. As the protesters marched toward the entrance of the plaza, their voices rang with conviction, passion and determination.

We were met by another 40 plus people at Freedom Plaza, cheering us on. The flag, that was stolen by SDPD the night before, was ceremoniously reunited with it's people and plaza, as the group said the pledge of allegiance and sang the star spangled banner. A young woman and man brought stuff to make signs for our march in solidarity with Egypt. They also brought awesome signs already made. We left Freedom Plaza and headed for the federal building chanting, 'Whose streets, Our streets, Whose Streets, Our Streets'.

At the federal building we listened to speakers, and then went on the best march so far. We left the federal building and marched through the Westin Hotel, as we reached the ice skating rink people were lined up along the rail. Some with peace signs, others thumbs up, some clapping all excited to see us. We proceeded through the narrow hall way downstairs, past Starbucks and out by the theater on 4th st. Our chants echoed with power and might.

We went to the street at 4th and turned left a few blocks down. When we reached 5th st we circled the intersection, flags held high. We blocked the road for about 5 minutes. Then we marched up 5th st and circled another intersection. It was a feeling of freedom, power and convictions. Knowing that we as a collective, group can take to the streets, use our voices, signs, instruments, and passion to show the world we are not going away. Expect us.

Through out history people have fought for their freedom. As we carried our flags yesterday many carried them upside down, which means distress. The Occupy movement around the country is in distress. They are fighting for their freedoms, flag, family and friends. They did not come to battle the police. They came to challenge the real criminals. Bankers, Wall Street, Corporations. Criminals that are so sly and deceiving you might not see their abuse. But it's there and we are aware. Occupy is Not going away just like our flag.