Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Your Rights Are Under Attack, Fight Back

Yesterday at 11:30 a group of individuals from Occupy San Diego, marched from Freedom Plaza to the courthouse located at 220 W. Broadway in solidarity with the 51 people arrested on Oct. 28, 2011. Arraignments for all 51 people, were suppose to take place, but many charges were dropped and a few not.  Did they really drop the charges or are they secretly waiting to throw people under the bus. It seems odd and would not surprise me, that they will underhand these people. The courts have a year to put these charges in place, will they or won't they? Who knows!

As we gathered in front of the courthouse yesterday, it was evident they knew we were coming. Fifteen officers stood guard outside, as we told our stories and talked about the injustices in the system. One man told about how he had great respect for police officers, until their contradictions started bothering him. He told how he witnessed civilians spitting and getting citations by police, but then police do the same and nothing happens. How a police officer talked to a person in a car in the middle of the street blocking traffic for twenty five minutes and nothing happens. But civilians again are ticketed for the same behavior. I'm not feeling you can go to the police officers anymore for help, not feeling that anymore. They are not your friends.

Curtis told the group how he has been profiled since he was a little boy. If you grow up in the wrong neighborhood, you are apt to be targeted. Another lady said, just because you are homeless, does not mean you are worthless. Just because you have long hair, does not mean they are losers. I have seen the occupiers complying with the SDPD, but officers have stepped out of line and gone above the law many times in their actions at Freedom Plaza. Police officers need to understand they took a job and an oath to protect and serve. Not harass and intimidate.

Police officers have one of the most important jobs in the country. They need to take their aggression out on the suppressors, their Bosses!!! Bosses that get bought out by the 1%. Bosses that could be working with the cartel. Police officers, the people "The 99%" pay your salaries. You took an oath and have the authority to NOT carry out orders, you know violate citizen's rights. Officers you have the choice when you do your job. You can work for your corrupt bosses and carry out orders of corporate self interest. Or you can work for the people that pay you, the citizens. Who will you work for?