Saturday, December 10, 2011

SDPD Cites, Harasses and Intimidates Man, Using Vulgar Language

I have personally heard SDPD officers spewing the F word to citizens. Yesterday they took their power trips to another level at Freedom Plaza. They cited a man, for doing the same thing they do everyday, using vulgar language. A young man was organizing paper work from Occupy San Diego, when a policewoman heard him use profanity. She approached him with another officer. They gave him a written citation for using profanity. SDPD officers have some balls to stoop to this level, when they are the biggest offenders of filthy mouths. Here is a case the ACLU recently was invovled with Cohen vs California

Just a few hours earlier, one of the women officers that was stationed to watch us, told protesters she was going to call the bomb squad in, because she believed we had bombs in our packs and stuff. These are the kind of morons and imbeciles we are dealing with, not just in San Diego, but around the country. Police officers abusing their power to harass and intimidate people, because they believe they are above the law. Folks it is time to stand up to these destructive people and take back our rights. They are not above the law.

It is time to start occupying cop files. Reporting all misbehavior's by each officer. Not just one report, but everyone in the group filing out a report. Make 50 reports for each incident and start making these thugs, accountable for their back assward BS, they think they are entitled to do. Police officers are NOT above the law. They will be responsible, for all actions that are not acceptable behavior. Take a stand and lets start occupying cop files with reports of abuse and violence towards the people NOW!