Friday, December 2, 2011

Waiting For The Jury and Lords Decision

At 12:15 yesterday afternoon, the jury was excused from the courtroom and escorted by the bailiff to the deliberation room. Once they knew where that was, they would take a lunch break and continue at 1:30.

Judge Margie Woods, gave specific instructions to the jury, at the beginning of the session today. These are a few I wrote down:
1) You must follow the law even if you disagree with it.
2) You must decide if a fact was proved.
3) You must point to innocence, if you believe it could be guilty or innocence.
4) You must judge if information was accurate.
5) How well could witnesses: See, hear, remember, their behavior, consistent/inconsistent, their interest, their biases.
6) You decide if a witness lied or had a conflict of interest.
7) You need to find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

During closing arguments the deputy DA was ridged and rough in her approach, flipping her hair about. She brought a large prop that she dropped onto the easel. The three laws, Randy Wolling supposedly broke, according to her and the police thugs the DA department hangs with, were printed on it. She methodically started her argument with charge #2 Penal Code Section 148 Resisting Delaying or Obstructing Officer. She seemed to scold the jury as she preached her message of guilt for the defendant. Saying at least 130 police officers, each carrying two guns, some had machine guns, batons, pepper spray and at least six pairs of handcuffs could not do their job. What was their job? They arrested 51 protesters out of 75 in 20 minutes. Is that delaying officers and doing their job?

After the deputy DA rested her case, Judge Woods called on public defender David Knudson. An interruption occurred, as Randy Wolling said "He fired his attorney" and started talking about God. Judge Woods called for a recess and asked the jury to leave the room and then the audience. I was so mad at Randy at this point. I could understand his frustration, of being locked up like an animal for 35 days and scared that he might not get out. But he could have received contempt of court. Thankfully Judge Woods did not give him that.

We walked back into the room, after public defender David Knudson already started his closing arguments. He made sure the jury knew, that the witnesses who testified, contradicted themselves throughout their testimony. He told the jury that officer Goebel did not remember who helped him arrest Randy or who filled out the other half of the police report. Lt. Mitchell stated that police closed off 3rd & B st immediately after they approached civic ctr, for the safety of the public. David Knudson made it clear that Randy Wolling was woken by police on this morning and they herded them to the street without giving them time to gather their belongings like they said they did. David told the jury "this is what democracy looks like" and you are to find Randy Wolling Not Guilty because there is no evidence and consistent facts proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

As we wait for the verdict, what have we learned in this case. Police Lie! Police are not your friends! Police are above the law until proven otherwise. Lt Mitchell talked much about illegal lodging, but Randy was not charged with that, why? Both Lt. Mitchell and Officer Goebel, talked about the unsanitary and safety conditions at the plaza and the rats. The only rats at the plaza are the police officers. They methodically put up barricades, to intimidate people from entering freedom plaza and cause a fire hazard situation. They sneak around, looking for anything to harass you for, or arrest you. These dirty rats have multiplied like varmints that need to be exterminated! Lord where are you?