Monday, December 12, 2011

SDPD Threatens To Detain Me For Walking Down Sidewalk

I took the trolley to Barrio Logan to meet up with Occupy San Diego and was harassed by officers Summers (a woman) and officer Reicher (a man). Officer Summers stopped me and asked if I was with Occupy and I said no. She then asked where I was going and I told her I did not have to tell her. I asked if she was detaining me and she said no. Then officer Reicher got out of the police SUV and confronted me. Again I asked if I was being detained. He said if you want to! They said no one was allowed at the park and I asked for their badge numbers and names.

Officer Reicher gave me his information. All though his badge number did not match his number. I asked him why his number did not match and he did not answer. I asked the women police officer a second time for her information and she would not give it. Officer Reicher gave me it and I saw on the back of her hat, the same name. I turned around and walked back to the trolley station frustrated and angry. I saw at least 10 police cars parked along the road.

When I got back to civic center, officer Grubbs was there and said the officers from the port called him regarding me. I told the officers that I was going to put their names all over the Internet and they said go ahead. Folks the police state grows stronger with more force. The SDPD is full of liars, abusers, personal attackers, and outright inhumane men and women. I found out that the SDPD officers where a badge number that does not match their name or real badge number. What does that smell of? Lying dirty scoundrels!