Monday, December 5, 2011

Updated: Updated: Updated: Premeditated Raid On Occupy San Diego By SDPD Last Night

Updated: Rebecca the artist did not get arrested thank goodness.

Updated: ustream video footage of last night @ Ustream

Updated: I was told by witnesses last night, a woman cop, white with dark black hair was laughing loudly and childishly during the raid. After the raid the SDPD went and harassed the homeless people that sleep around Ace parking lot, where they staged their cars for thier ponzi-raid comdey night!

Another raid, at 2am, by 20 plus SDPD officers last night at civic center plaza. At least 7-12 people were arrested for illegal lodging. One person, Fish was arrested while videoing the event, for resisting arrest. Witnesses say the police roamed around the camp videoing an hour before they decided to use police laws and force to dismantle the occupation again.

Previous nights, 24/7 occupiers said the number of police officers, shrunk significantly and occupiers were sleeping without being harassed or arrested. SDPD officers seem to have a special entitlement, they are above the law. They make their own laws, or enforce the law when they deem appropriate. Sargent Casey Lawrence last night felt it was her superior duty to be the raid queen officer of the night.

Sargent Lawrence and SDPD officers that were working last night, met at the Ace Parking lot at Ash and 3rd st. They walked in a single file line down the narrow entrance towards Downtown Johnny Brown's and approached the Occupy camp. The eye witnesses of the event said the officers had specific people they were targeting. Claudia was one of them, along with Rebecca the artist, Fish and others.

All people I interviewed, claim they were never warned about this raid or were told to leave. When the police were at the scene, they never gave any warnings and read any ones rights to them. They just swooped people up and hauled them off. Who gave Sargent Casey Lawrence, the authority to implement this raid?