Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy Our Homes Pledge: We Are Not Leaving

Yesterday around the country, people lined up in front of foreclosed homes, pledging not to leave. Home owners and members of Occupy Wall St. told banks and mortgage companies, they got sold out. It is time for the 99% to reclaim their American Dream and take back what is theirs, NOT the corrupt bankers. Petitions are being circulated and signatures taken, to make banks pay.

At Occupy San Diego, Santos Thorton told the story about his mother in-law and her economic problem. The banks closed on her loan and would not communicate with her. Santos made it clear, if the banks decide to take the home, we are not leaving, until they want to talk. Another man Rafael told the audience, the banks tried to close on him. He also said, he was not leaving and to never give up. Let the banks know they are wrong and we are right!

Patty a middle aged lady from OB said, I'm part of the 99%. I've been a home owner for 30 years. When I got a divorce, I refinanced through countrywide which has ties with B of A. I lost my job and applied for a modification. They told me I did not qualify. I still reside in my home, but things could change. If they come for my home, I am not leaving.

The banks foreclosed on the American Dream, for many hard working citizens. They intentionally designed a illegal ponzi-scheme on 1000's of fraudulent loans they handed out. These dirty devils, who preyed on vulnerable, low income workers need to be held accountable for their deceptions and unlawful actions. It is time to stand up and speak out against these blue collar crooks, hiding in the fancy sky rise offices.