Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jail, Jesus and A Journey

Yesterday I took a trip, down the 5 fwy, towards the border. It had been at least 20 years, since I drove across the border to TJ. I was headed to the George Baily Detention Center, in Otay Mesa. Located inland from the 5 fwy, nestled next to some mountains. There seemed to be a large parcel of property, with a variety of incarceration facilities, around this area. You could see the bright lights of TJ, just south of this area.

This was my first time to any type of jail/prison system. As the car got closer to this area, signs lined the road with, "No parking anytime." The parking lot had space type car ports, that looked like there could be solar panels on top of these. Walking into the visitors area were about 40 seats. There was a bullet proof glass clerical area, to sign in and identify yourself with proper ID at one of four windows.

After signing in there was an hour to waste. They make you arrive half hour to an hour before visit. Went and sat in the car until it was time. As I walked back into the room a line had developed and there were about 30 people ahead of me. I was carrying a notebook and pen and was told I could not bring those up. So I ran them to the car and then back inside and up the elevator to the 2nd floor. We were to follow the green line #5 to the visitors room.

Opening the door I saw Randy "AKA" Sage standing in a small room, that had small stools lined up with about 9 phones, for visitors to talk to inmates, through a bullet/sound proof piece of glass. It was good to be able, to talk to Randy, one on one. When I saw him in the courtroom, we are not able to talk to him. He seemed in good spirits, excited to see people he knew and talk about what was on his mind.

How he believed his actions were peaceful, positive and done in the name of his Lord. He talked about if I knew where his stuff was. I did not. When I went to the police station to retrieve my stuff, they claimed most of it had been thrown away. He really wanted his stuff. That's all he wanted that dark, cold, scary morning on Oct 28, 2011 when the SDPD came in unannounced and raided our occupation without giving us time to gather our belongings. All Randy wanted and still wants are his belongings.

He has now spent at least 35 plus days occupying a jail cell, because he wanted his stuff. The few items he owned. This is why he is behind bars, treated like a crazy, insane person, that has truly done something terribly wrong. Or was it the SDPD, that was in the wrong, that morning? They claim, they told all of us individually, to leave or be arrested, before their raid. That is a blatant lie. They never gave us ample time to gather our things and leave that morning. They used violent and intimidating force to remove us. Without warning!