Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Hung Jury For Randy Wolling Vs.The State

I received a call around 3pm yesterday from Sol, that the jury reached a verdict. I was across the street at specialty coffee on my computer. I quickly turned it off and gather my things and ran out the door. I walked fast to the courthouse located on the other side of the street. Taking off everything that had to go through inspections and put it in my briefcase or backpack, I reached the front entrance. The TSA line was quiet and I past through quickly. Putting everything back on, I headed to the escalator towards the 3rd floor. Speed walking to room #35 I opened the door and was told by Sol, it just began.

Judge Margie Woods went over a few things and then asked the jury foremen, juror #12 the vote for count #1, 6/6. Count #2, 6/6. Count #3 6/6. The judge then asked the foremen if she thought they could discuss it some more and come to a different conclusion. She said No. Judge Woods then asked each of the jury members the same question and they all said No. At this time Judge Woods decided it was a hung jury. A mistrial. She told them at this time they were allowed to discuss the case, but if they were approached to write a book, they needed to wait three months to do so. Judge Woods then thanked the jury and excused them.

Judge Woods talked to council at this time. The deputy DA was concerned that Mr. Wolling would not show up for the next trial and wanted a OR on him. Which is someone being responsible, for Randy showing up at the next trial. Sol told the judge and council he would do that. Judge Woods deceased bail to $1,500 for these counts. Then said, she would reduce bail for the two other charges on his record, to $500 each. Sol was willing to put up $1,500, but that was his limit. Right now Randy is still occupying a jail cell. Sol and I are going to visit him tonight. There is a Tuesday 12/6 appointment at 1:30 in room #35 to discuss an OR and another court date.

Randy Wolling has already spent 35 days in jail. That should account for something To have a retrial on this case, is ridiculous for many reasons and a waste of tax payers money. It is obvious why our country is in such dire straights. People that think they know how to budget money, DON"T, know how too! People that think charges like this, should put people behind bars, have a finger pointing back at them and should also be behind bars. There is something about our judicial system that stinks like horse manure.