Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The American Dream Foreclosed!

Did your parents and community of teachers tell you, that if you work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, you will succeed? You can own your own home, if you work sixty plus hours a week and sell your soul, to the corporation that pays you peanuts. Bankers on the sideline's waiting to prey on you with their ponzi-scheme loan shark lies. All to achieve the American Dream, owning your own home. Under the false illusion of dark secrets and deception, in a corrupt and crooked banking system, preying on the weak. Stealing your homes, like you are the bad guy and they are wise cats!

These corporate cats, knew what they were doing, was wrong! They intentionally gave loans to people, that they knew would not be able to abide by the loan. It was rigged from the get go. It was their get rich scheme, gone bad, for many families around the country. Did these sly cats think of the kids who would be losing their homes? NO! How about the elderly, that cannot work anymore? NO! How about the family unit? NO! What did they think about, their own selfish ways, bonuses, fat checks! How many lives did these people destroy? Who are the real criminals? Bankers, CEO's, Mortgage Brokers, and Politicians. Stop the madness and insanity, put the REAL Criminals in jail NOW!