Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy San Diego Raided Again

At 2am this morning fellow brothers and sisters of Occupy San Diego began to yell raid raid raid. When I jumped up I did not see any cops. But within a minute they were lined up and surrounding our camp and my bed. In a panic mode I scrambled to put all my things in a bag and started walking. I realized I left a phone my friend gave me yesterday and went to retrieve it.

This time around, the police were a little more subdued, with an enormous amount of officers coming from all ways. The street was blocked off at Broadway and 3rd and also at Ash and 3rd. As of now, I hear there were 4 plus people arrested. Michael who was on the bull horn was arrested for excessive noise and then released.

Many people from the group went to the library and others headed to the harbor by the Star of India. Myself and four others walked together to the Star of India and found a few from our group there. When we arrived the harbor patrol was there with about 5 cars. They told us we could be there, but no blankets on the ground. The San Diego Police Department showed up periodically trying to intimidate us, but they do not have jurisdiction in the harbor.