Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why They Occupy at Occupy San Diego

I occupy because, greedy, pervasive, corporate, power hungry, politicians, have no integrity, have caused our US government to fail miserably and neglect it's people. ~~~ M.

I came down here to help watch peoples stuff, while they are out on their marches. Help sweep and serve food when needed and show my support. I came also, so that our children and grand children can have an education. There are to many kids that graduate from school, that can't read or write, but the schools still graduate them. ~~~ Carol

World Peace. ~~~ Amy

Because feeding our families should not depend on not spending time with our families. ~~~ Spinach

I occupy to see change. ~~~ Meli

I really believe for the human species to survive it needs to come together to find peace within itself. ~~~ Anonymous

Shit I love people. ~~~ Memphis