Sunday, November 27, 2011

OWS Must Succeed For The GOP Experiment In Plutocracy To End

America was conceived as a type of representative democracy that was successful until conservatives devised a plan to shift power from the people to the wealthy elite during the Reagan administration, and after thirty years what is left is a government controlled by corporations. In very simplistic terms, the Occupy movement represents the 99% of Americans who have lost the ability to decide the direction and policies the government takes that will benefit the people instead of a small, but powerful, group of extremely wealthy families, Wall Street, and corporate giants. The growing discontent among the people that fostered the Occupy Wall Street movement is not diminishing and as more Americans come to grips with the stark reality that regardless the will of the people; this country is heading towards a plutocracy that will last for generations without intervention and interdiction by the people...  Read more:   Politicususa