Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy San Diego Asks "What Would You Do With $13 Million" To Shoppers at Horton Plaza

Liberty and Lynn from Occupy San Diego, went to Horton Plaza with the intention of informing people about the misuse of $13 million spent, on policing the Occupy Movement. The recent waste, of tax payers dollars has inspired us to ask the question "What would you do with $13 million if you were the Mayor of San Diego." This is what we heard.

The majority of people we talked to, thought the money should go to education. People think when you are educated you can better serve the community and have a better chance to succeed in life. People voiced their concerns about lack of computes and other resources at their schools. The arts and music departments which are greatly needed to develop creative minds are slowly disappearing. Teachers that are shaping our society and children's lives deserve better pay and benefits. Education should be abundantly available to everyone and the astronomical price to go to college needs to be addressed.

After education, we found people concerned for the homeless. One young lady we talked to, said she worked hands on at a shelter for the youth. She stated these shelters were unsanitary and unfit to live in and would like to see money go to the restoration of these buildings. Others were concerned in general for the enormous amount of homeless. They would like to see more shelters and resources available to these people.

We spoke to a man, who owns one of the business carts at the Horton Plaza mall. He said the smallest business loan he could take out was $50,000 and that was more than he needed. He has no health care, due to the enormous monthly cost.

Two high school aged girls said that public transportation needs to operate more efficiently. They would like to see discount rates to students, like they do seniors. A middle aged man said we need mass transit like they have in Europe and in turn reduce the amount of cars on the road and gas purchased.

Many people did not want to talk to us, but over all people were friendly and in the holiday spirit. The mall was busy, but not crowded. What we learned is, most people when approached congenially love to give their two cents. People do care about others and are concerned about what is going on in our country. The main point we would like to bring to the table is, people will listen to you when you create a report. Not when you are yelling at them.