Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's Go Viral: Our Brother "Sage" Has Been Occupying A Cell For 28 Days: UpDated Write A Positive Thought

I met Sage my first week at Occupy San Diego. Sage is a middle aged man, with long grey hair nicely combed, reading glasses, hippie style and always carrying a notebook. What was in this notebook? It was a positive thoughts book. Sage would ask you to write a positive thought in his book and then would wish you well. His nick name says it all. A man humbly spreading peace and love to all, with intentions of integrity.

Sage has been occupying a jail cell, for the last 28 days in San Diego. I tried to get people to bail him out, but there were some charges that were prior to the raid arrest, that prohibited him from being bailed out. Today I went to the courthouse on Broadway in downtown San Diego. We entered room 35, to a policeman and a woman sitting behind a desk close to the judges.

The policeman asked me to take my hat off, turn off your cell phones, no eating, no tape recording, no photo's or video's "He told the observers" who just walked into the courtroom. Also he told us not to talk to the prisoner. Sage looked a little ragged and worn out. His attorney was a young peppy man that was glad to see people, from occupy San Diego attend the hearing.

We learned the assistant district attorney, asked that this case, should remain separate and not be tainted with other facts, from other occupy movements legal issues. This court case will be heard in front of a jury. Sage did not do, anything wrong. This is about police officers raiding our camp, without notice. I was not informed about a specific time to be out of the civic plaza ever, by any police officer. That is a law.

I was not asked when raided if I contacted a shelter and was denied a bed. EVER! That is a law, police are suppose to follow. My friend Sage is harmless. He needs and deserves the help of anyone who would like to bail him out and help him in anyway. I urge and implore you to think about this brother of the occupy movement and do what ever you can to help him. He really is a Sage!!!

UpDated: Please write a positive thought to our good brother Sage. He could use your support, hugs and love. He spread much around when hanging out with Occupy San Diego.