Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sitting in A Jail Cell, Because He Peacefully Sat at A Protest

Day Thirty three in jail, behind bars with no independence, because he was protesting for change, peace and a better America. Randy Wolling "AKA" Sage is on trial for peacefully assembling, resisting arrest and illegal lodging. Yesterday in courtroom #35 at the downtown San Diego courthouse, we watched video from the second raid on occupy San Diego by the SDPD.

The video showed a quiet Randy sitting on a curb with three other occupiers detained by the SDPD. Were they sitting there, because they did not want to get into the paddy wagon? Or were they sitting there because they were told to by the SDPD? To me in the video it looks like they were told to sit there until further notice of being escorted to the paddy wagon.

The assistant DA asked the judge to exclude sound, from all video's presented, except the one. The one the assistant DA wants to allow is the head police officer telling protesters to leave or they would be arrested. But in the other video's what they are saying or not saying is important to this case also. It seemed evident to me, in the courtroom, that judge Woods and the assistant DA had a bond.

That is exactly why the 99% are as mad as hell. Because of the injustice by our judges, politicians, corporate owners and the 1%. Thank goodness this is a jury trial and the people not the court will make the final decision, on our Occupy brother Sage's future. The amount of money the city is spending on this inhumane action, is ridiculous. The assisant DA's demeanor is that of an angry soul, out to get Osama Bin Laden.