Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Public Defender Claims "This is, The Trial of The Century" Regarding Randy Wolling

As Occupy Wall Street continues full steam ahead, so does public defender David Knudson. Mr. Knudson represents Randy Wolling "AKA" Sage. Sage was occupying on Oct 28, 2011 the night of the second raid. It was a long day in the courtroom. It started with continuing jury selection. Thirty plus people waiting to see if they make the juror's list. Cashing in on $10 a day, while they tell their boss they need time off, to waste gas driving to the courthouse. To sit in a uncomfortable late model juror's chair and listen like a therapist, to a circus act.

The master of the courtroom, who demonstrated his superb speaking skills was, Council David Knudson. He opened with "This is the crime of the century, for one person. This is what democracy looks like. They were driven from their constitution,..." and he went on. He again stated, "This is what democracy looks like." Sol, who was sitting behind me, said he had goosebumps listening to Mr. Knudson's opening statement.

The dirty dog was the assistant DA. This young lady opened with telling the jury, that this was a simple case, about a persons conduct. That just because you are using your first amendment rights, you cannot break the law, at the same time. She changed her attitude of cattiness from yesterday, to that of a sly dog, who is not that sly and should be walking back to her office with her tail between her legs at the end of this trial.

The assistant DA asked for, Lt. David Mitchell to be the first witness. Lt Mitchell has been a police officer with the SDPD for 22 years. He recently was promoted to luetienet. Lt Mitchell talked a lot about the stench he would smell, when walking around the camp at Occupy San Diego. He must have a fetish for urinating and defecating, because he talked frequently about that. He lied about the fact that all occupiers were informed about a specific time they needed to leave by. He lied about the fact, that during the raid, they gave people time to get their belongings. They just started arresting people. He is a LIAR!

I was in the raid. I know what they said and did. Lt. David Mitchell LIED. He continued to claim we were informed about the raid and then he stated they came in unannounced. What?  He also lied about the stench and defecation. I cleaned our camp 2-3 times a day. I hauled trash and swept the premises, knowing a clean place would keep the cops at bay. That was not the case. They wanted to find anything to arrest and remove us from freedom plaza.

In the courtroom, there continues to be a vibration between the asst. DA and the judge. It seems that public defenders are the 99% of the judicial system. They are not respected! That is very evident in this courtroom and the conduct of Judge Woods. They should know all eyes are on them and this case. There are fly's on the wall, sending this case viral around the world. We are not going to sit by and shut up. No we are here to stay, and here to change corruption at all levels in this country. Do you hear us?