Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Scared SDPD Beefed Up Force For Arrival of Mini Tents

A rumor was circulating, that tents were going back up at Occupy San Diego. The women's group had been planning a soccer mom tent set up. Fifty tents were suppose to be put up at 5pm yesterday. The atmosphere was growing tense as the number of police officers drastically increased, along with paddy wagons. Boyd Long was there along with three captains. All entrances to the plaza, were manhandled by 10 officers standing arm to arm. There were at least a 100 officers at Occupy San Diego last night.

Earlier in the day a press release was given to many media outlets and they all showed up. I joking went up to some of the officers and said, "What if this was all a joke"? Their jaws dropped and faces looked a little puzzled. Finally, the direct action group leading this event showed up. We walked up the street and were briefed, on what to do. The tents we were putting up, were small 10in by 10in. They were so cute and the perfect joke for the occasion.

Fifty people from Occupy San Diego, marched down 3rd st. towards the civic center chanting we are the 99%, we are the 99%. Upon approaching the plaza, we could see the excessive police force, guarding the plaza, like plastic military men standing at attention. Their eyes wide, mouths dropping, as the watched us carry mini tents, not big enough for your dog to sleep in, into what we call freedom plaza. The eruption of cheers and laughter filled the air.

This was a victory for Occupy San Diego. This was an embarrassment for the SDPD. Can you imagine what they thought and the amount of money they spent policing us yesterday? Maybe we found a way to play this game too. Make it fun, funny, a joke, like the three stooges comedy show. Lighten things up and humor them. So friends, get your thinking caps on and lets laugh a little more while we change the world.