Monday, November 28, 2011

Updated: Police Profiling and Warrants at Occupy San Diego

Yesterday at 11:07am, at the civic center plaza, in downtown San Diego a young man named Ryan was arrested on the steps of the civic center. Ryan did not resist arrest. He was allowed to empty his pockets and gave his belongings to Tara. He was advised by a legal observer to remain silent, don't answer any questions and ask for an attorney.

It was a beautiful morning with about 27 protesters at the civic center and 15 plus police officers, with back-up arriving, as Ryan was placed in the police car. Before the arrest occurred, it was a quiet morning at Occupy San Diego. We have been peacefully assembling, using our first amendment rights to voice our concerns and frustrations about the corruption and abuse in politics, corporations and the system.

Now we are being profiled! Profiled, because we are citizens of the United States, fed up with the injustice in this country. We witness daily the abuses of police officers, public servants, government officials and corporate ceo's that go unnoticed and are pushed under the rug. While the poverty stricken and people voicing their rights are hauled off to jail and babysat by high paid, gun totting clowns that have nothing better to do.

Updated: He was arrested, because he had warrants. He was standing at the civic center talking to people. We have all been profiled and if you have a warrant in San Diego and go to Occupy frequently, you will be profiled and arrested if you have any outstanding warrants.