Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekly Round Up

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is winding down. Today NFL football will be occupying TVs, Stadiums, and bars around the country. People will continue their holiday shopping and occupiers will move forward with their idea's, actions, and voices. Nothing will STOP #OWS, this passionate group of people, who are demanding change happens in America and around the world. Not Black Friday, Not Police Officers, Not taking away our tents, clothes, belongings, homes, jobs. Expect Us and Expect Change.

On Wed Nov. 24, 2011, ten members from Occupy San Diego, occupied courtroom #35 on Broadway, in downtown San Diego. They were there, in support of their brother Sage, "AKA" Randy Wolling! Public defender David Knudson was glad to see us there and so was Sage. Sage has been occupying a jail cell for 32 days. He was arrested in the second raid on Occupy San Diego by the SDPD. Tomorrow at 9:30am in courtroom #35 they will start picking a jury for the trial. If you can attend to show your support that would be awesome. Sage was a peaceful protester who had a positive impact on the people involved in the Occupy San Diego Movement, he should NOT be in jail. If you cannot attend and would like to write Sage a positive thought in the comment section I will make sure he receives those.

Black Friday vs Occupying proves that corporate America is turning people into stuffing buying freaks, who will pepper spray or kill you in order to get their waffle iron before you. The biggest offender in this buying frenzy is Walmart or "AKA" Chinamart as some young kid called it. You know how we send jobs overseas and pay people peanuts to make stuff that people go crazy over. If you are against immigration, This is immigration! The black Friday shoppers were allowed to camp in tents and not be harassed, but not the occupy movement! Discrimination I say! So what, who cares, this will only make us stronger.

All week long we have heard Occupy LA needs to remove all their belongings by 12:01am Monday Nov. 29, 2011. People are flocking to LA in support. The world is watching, what will happen in the LA? This raid will be a lot different, than what we have already witnessed. I don't think the police, or anyone, will be able to get away with anything here, without being filmed or photoed due to the advance preparedness. We shall see soon, all eyes are on deck.

Yesterday at Occupy San Diego, I met with the women's group and we discussed what actions we wanted to be involved in. Buttons and stickers were discussed, with our logo. People brought idea's to the plate, such as, going to shopping malls and telling our stories and sharing info about who the 99% are. Someone brought up the 12 Days of Christmas. I thought that would be a great way, to create a plan of action for each day and do it and sing it.

The Occupy Wall St. movement, is not, going away it is growing. Everyday more and more people are supporting it, donating to it, and occupying. We are occupy, we are never gonna die, when you try and take our stuff, we only multiply. We are the 99% coming to your town soon. Expect Us!