Thursday, November 17, 2011

There Has Gotta Be A Way

Ever since OWS started in September a fire has ignited around the world. This fire, is passioned by people mad as hell, about the extreme variation in wealth between people. When you have the amount of money the 1% has, how on earth can you let people go without homes, toilets, showers, food and clothing? There is something terribly wrong with that scenario.

When you finally wake up from the deep sleep, you are in, you will see that we are all  human beings. We all have the same organs that operate our bodies. We might have different skin colors, grew up in a different culture or raised in a different religion. But we are all humans. Depending on where you grew up and your up bringing that is where the differences between people evolves.

We have too many resources and enormous amounts of money that no one should have to live in the streets, unless they, truly want to. There Has Gotta Be A Way to create a more vibrant and fair world. It will take caring, support and true conviction to make this happen. But we can Make It Happen. The fire that was started is continuing and each day burns a little brighter. Someday it will explode? Join the 99% and be a part of creating the fire that will make change happen.