Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Morning Occupy San Diego

I woke this morning to news cameras filming us and taking interviews at 6 am. They were there, either to start supporting us or showed up because of the fundraiser event that was held last night at Downtown Johnny Brown's for Tea Party Candidate Carl DeMaio's Mayoral campaign. Last night Mr. DeMaio held a fundraiser for two civic center vendors that are claiming Occupy San Diego has destroyed their business.

I did not attend the event last night, but I did call Carl DeMaio's office last week and spoke with a young lady. I asked her if Mr. DeMaio would give me a bailout, because I also lost my business and home. The young lady was very pleasant and helpful and seemed to be a little nervous about the question. I have a BA in Physical Education and owned and operated a coffeehouse for five years. Last summer I worked on a hot dog cart in downtown Minneapolis. I know a little bit about both businesses and the uncertainty of life.

Today Occupy San Diego plans on occupying city council chambers again for the weekly meeting at 10am on Tuesdays. Many of us occupying the civic center are there for the same reasons, these two vendors want a bailout. Because we also lost our work, business and homes in similar circumstances as these vendors. Why do they get bailed out and we don't? How do you decided who you are going to help and not help?

It is similar to how people are so concerned about a fetus covered in amniotic fluid, but don't give a damn about it once it is born. Something is extremely wrong with this way of thinking. We have been attending city council meetings long before these vendors and still have not been put on the agenda. While these vendors are given emergency priority and assistance. What message does this send out. Something is terribly wrong!

What is terribly wrong is the discrimination of people like council member Carl DeMaio. I have watched Mr. DeMaio in council meetings when we are addressing our concerns and he pays no attention to what we say. Even when we chant with conviction about our distress of losing our jobs and homes. Mr. DeMaio you will see us again today, we are not going away until you want to bail us out also.

So I close hoping the news media that showed up this morning at 6am to occupy San Diego is ready to send a positive message to San Diego residents. That we need to be bailed out just like the vendors Carl DeMaio helped last night!