Thursday, November 3, 2011

Articles Relating to Occupy San Diego Nov. 3, 2011

1. Wikidemaio: City Councilmember Spins his Wikipedia Page: UPDATED 9:24 p.m. January 31: A local Wikipedia editor (and self-identified conservative) has marked Carl DeMaio’s Wikipedia page as having “multiple issues,” including disputed neutrality. The page now includes a section on this controversy... 
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2. Tea Party Supports Carl DeMaio: This is a first and possibly a unique post for Doo Doo Economics. An open call for support of a candidate...  Read more:   Doo Doo Economics

3. City moves to bail out vendors hurt by Occupy San Diego protest: San Diego officials moved Wednesday to bail out two food vendors whose businesses have been hurt by the Occupy San Diego protest in the plaza behind City Hall...  Read more:   LA Times