Monday, November 14, 2011

Addressing Problems Before It Is Too Late @ Occupations

I have been live at Occupy San Diego for a month and a half. What an experience it has been. My passion for this movement runs deep in my veins, for I know what it is like to have everything ripped from under you. Time and time again, by corrupt politicians and rich people. I know what it is like to be beaten up emotionally, mentally and financially and to have no home for years. It's NOT Fun!!!

This movement claims it is rooted in non-violence. But is it really? When do you address problems within, your occupation? After, they have grown so big, it is too late? Should people continue to harass and terrorize the cops, because they feel good about it? Or do you stand up to cops, when they step out of bonds and out of line? It seems it is a free for all, in San Diego, with no boundaries, no action plans, no accountability and responsibility for the safety and welfare of all the people. People just act out and don't think of others around them.

Yesterday my blood was boiling. Boundaries where are the boundaries? If this movement is a free for all, do what you want when you want to. It is NOT a movement I plan to spend another minute in. I witnessed a young man out of control with his actions and nothing being done about it. This person claims to be a peace keeper, but has some extreme personal issues that needed to be addressed awhile ago. But nobody wanted to make him accountable.

So what happened, he kicked a man at the GA in the morning which inturn lead to being arrested and utterly out of control. Did this need to happen NO. It has been obvious for sometime that this person has mental issues and needed help. The other night I got up and asked a couple of the 1%'s in the group to help me address this person and they were hesitant about it. So I said, then I will on my own. At that time a man decided he would take action and confront him. It was quiet for a short time and then the insanity continued.

Last night I thought since the man who kept us up many nights and now was gone it would be a peaceful evening. Not the case. Boundaries, respect, accountablility, responsibility what do those things mean? Do people understand sleep deprivation is hazardous to your health? If you want to party all night, harass the cops into the wee hours of the morning and disturb people that are sleeping I have no respect for you.